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Most of us have played sports or taken some type of lessons where we had a coach.  That coach helped you discover your talents and gifts, they helped create a path of building skills, continuous improvement, learning from the “failures” and the “successes” along the way, all in service to the goal of making you a better player. Take that same concept and apply it to the whole person and life...that is life coaching.


Except life is a little more complex, isn't it?  There's relationships, paying the bills, a career, raising kids, hobbies, taking care of our bodies, mental and emotional health...having someone to help balance all those things just makes sense. Life coaching is a partnership between the client and the coach.  It’s not counseling or therapy. It’s a process of discovery to uncover your talents, gifts, values, and purpose to work toward your goals. As a client, you are in charge. As your coach, my role is to observe, to be curious and ask questions to help you gain access to possibilities, opportunities, and resolutions. Coaching combines all parts of ourselves – our logic and rational thinking, our feelings and emotions, our physical sensations, our intuitions, and our beliefs. The integration of all these parts helps you gain access to the wisdom that is already in just may not know it yet!


It’s easy to get caught up in busy-ness of our daily lives that we often lose connection to ourselves.

What do you want? 

What is YOUR story? 

What is burning inside of you? 

What matters most to you?

Coaching will help you put purpose and vision back into your life.


Benefits of Coaching:

  • Time for YOU and your needs.

  • A sense of peace and a good night's sleep.

  • Ability to tackle your day with energy, focus, and motivation.

  • Belief and confidence in yourself.

  • Achieving your personal and professional goals.

  • Optimism, hope, happiness, fulfillment. 

  • A life that feels lighter and easier.

  • Discovering your talents and true purpose.

  • Ways to set healthy boundaries.

  • Skills to push past road blocks. 

My experience with Macie as my coach was very helpful in gaining focus and clarity for the projects I was working on.  Macie is a kind and genuine person. She is a very skillful listener.  She not only heard my words but probed the thoughts and feeling behind them, allowing me to discover a deeper sense of my purpose and direction.  As a coach, I highly recommend Macie for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of their life and journey.


My Doorways - WOW! That's the word that first comes to mind when I think about my experiences with Macie and doing life coaching. I have been in and out of traditional therapy since I was young. Dealing with parent's divorce, bullying, self confidence, was ok but it never felt great. I needed more but didn't know what. Through what I can only describe as a miracle, I found Macie, and I knew I had finally found my game changer! I am not just listened to, I am heard! I go deep within the why's and with Macie's coaching and guidance, I am able to come to answers that I never knew were within me. It has been eye-opening and life changing. I am so grateful to Macie and her life coaching skills that continually help me heal, forgive, and move upward! 

- M. S.

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