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Books and Practices for Wisdom and Personal Mastery

The Enneagram

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

- Aristotle


Self-knowledge is fundamental for personal growth. The Enneagram is a great self-awareness tool for deeper understanding of oneself, and includes the gifts of each type, the motivations that drive behaviors, the basic fear or desire, and a path for transcendence.  It consists of nine personality types detailed in a nine-point diagram.  The nine types are often referred to as the essence of each type:


Type 1: The Reformer                                    Type 2: The Helper                             Type 3: The Achiever                                     Type 4: The Individualist  

Type 5: The Investigator                               Type 6: The Loyalist

Type 7: The Enthusiast                                 Type 8: The Challenger

Type 9: The Peacemaker

I highly recommend learning about the Enneagram to help you understand and recognize your personality patterns and put you on the path to move into the highest version of yourself.



"When I let go of who I am I become what I might be.  -

Lao Tzu

An easy and practical way to reconnect to your essential self is a daily practice of meditation.  There are many forms of meditation, all beneficial in their various ways. The key is to be still as you journey from physical, mental, and emotional activity to the silence within. Meditation has many benefits including improved sleep, reducing stress, generating greater focus and expanded creativity.  It also shown to increase mental clarity, memory, and improved brain function. Daily meditation often has immediate benefits to the physical, psychological, and emotional bodies.

MY Reading List

I am an avid reader and believe that knowledge is crucial in improvement. The books listed below are just a few of my favorites.  They have been paramount in helping me gain wisdom for myself and have been tools I have used on my own personal path of transcendence

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are." 

- Carl Jung

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